Property Management
House Jio Property Management have an Experience, Resources and Systems to help you quickly and with cost effectively to the realities of owning and managing rental properties. We specialize in end-to-end management of townhomes, single-family homes, duplexes, triplexes, multiplex units and commercial properties in the Silicon city Area. It is our goal to make this as easy as possible – we take care of everything for you .
Rental Service
We help people in finding suitable houses, apartments with our services. We provide rental services to our clients with our services. We offer best services to our valuable clients.
Tenant Screening
Tenant screening services are used by landlords, to check whether the property mangers and realtors are qualified to rent an apartment. Housing jio provides the tenant screening service in bangalore.
Interior Designing / Decoration
House jio provides the interior designers and decorators with one-of-a-kind interrior custamization service for modern house or aparments We offer a sophisticated and immersive interior planning to our clients.
Interior Renovation
House jio carry out all kinds of renovation work. We cover all the main renovation skills masonry, carpentry, plumbing, electrics, insulation, tiling, plastering and painting etc..
Regular Inspection
House jio provides regular inspection service like cleaning, maintaining etc.. Our team provides affrodable services to the clients.
Tenant Vacating Inspection
We take an transition period of vacating a property with our agency is an easy process with our tenant vacating service.we take care of cleaning ,damaging etc..
Vacant Plots Maintenance and Management
Get an easy way of maintaining and management service .we provide vacant plots maintainance and management services .we take care of all your services that you need.
Packers and Movers Service
house jio undertake packing and moving services for different kinds of goods being moved from one place to another. These include household items, office goods, industrial appliances and many more. if you move to small or long distance house provides the fast services to the customers as they need.
Painting Service
Make the visibility of your house look beautiful to the others . Refresh your home with our painting service.
Repair and Maintenance Service
House jio provides the complete repaire and maintaenance service for the clients. we also provide the home maintaining service.
Cleaning Service
House jio provides the home cleaning services to the clients. Our team is built with by providing the best services to the customers.
Pest Control
House jio takes the pride of providing a affrodable pest control services in banglore. we assure to customer care by serving the high quality of pest control services.
Keep your garden clean and best with our services. House jio take care of garden maintaining service for your property.
Rent Collection and Deposit
House jio take care ownership of rent collection and deposit services for your property.
Rental Agreements and Drafting
Get the your rental Agreements and drafting services in house jio. House jio is the best place for the rental agreements and drafting services.
Paying Utility Bills
House Jio Provides the services for your paying utility bills for any official payments .
Resolve Tenant Queries
Tenant copmplaints are unavoidable . House Jio provides lot of ways to reslove your Tenant queries and handle the situation and reslove the problem.
Property Related Taxes Paying
House jio take care of property related taxes paying service when the owner of the property is unable to pay the tax for his property on time .
Besom Related Service
House jio provides bescom related services in banglore. They provide the quality of service to the clients.
Property Registration
House jio helps you to assist in property registration .They provide all suggesition thatneed for your property. They guide you in all the process and give the best suggesition for your property registration.